Bigg Boss season13: Koena, Shehnaz, Dalljiet and Rashmi got nominated; Dalljiet got outburst for using her son`s name in the task; Rashmi and Shukla is going to have a messy fight

Rashmi and Shukla had some little fight on chopping vegetables. Mahira explained to Shehnaz that she was sharing just a friendship bond with Paras and Paras liked Shehnaz. Paras confessed the same with Shehnaz.

Later Siddhartha Dey cleared Koena`s all misunderstandings and apologized to her for the statement he made for her in front of Salman. Siddhartha Dey was singing a song for Shefali on which Shukla made fun of him. Aarti mocked Paras for his relationship with Shehnaz.

Nomination process for the week got announced. In the task, two girls had to stand at the windows and impress that boy who was standing at the balcony. By whom points boy would get impressed more he would save her and nominate other.

First Paras, Shehnaz and Mahira came to the area and Paras saved Mahira over Shehnaz. Later both Shehnaz and Paras got emotional but got relaxed soon. Sidharth Shukla nominated Rashmi over Aarti Singh. Rashmi hit Shukla with pillow and warned her by saying ‘tu aa raat mein btati hu tereko.. bed friend forever…’

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Then Siddhartha Dey with Dalljiet and Shefali came in the activity area. Shefali flirted a lot with Dey. She also gave a flower to him. Dey nominated Dalljiet. He also mentioned Dalljiet son`s name on which Dalljiet got outburst.

Later Abu and Asim who had obtained maximum marks in the report card task and hence got immunity, were asked to eliminate any one from Debolina and Koena with their mutual consent. They both took advantage of their opportunity. Asim discussed about BB hospital task with both Debolina and Koena. During the task, Asim took off his shirt too. At the end they nominated Koena Mitra over Debolina. Koena got disappointed over the same. She had an argument with Asim Riaz. She said Asim that he was ungrateful, she had expected a lot from him.

Then Dalljiet was seen warning everyone to use his son`s name in any situation. She also scolded Dey for the using her son`s name during the nomination process.

In today`s promo it is seen that Rashmi and Shukla are having a messy fight over food. Shehnaz and Debolina are also having an argument over rationing. There will be a discussion over who will be the queen of the house.

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