Bigg Boss season13: Mahira and Shehnaz had a messy fight over Paras; Siddhartha Dey got cornered by all the TV actresses because of his statement

Day started with the conversation about Shefali Bagga. Housemates were discussing that she got selfish when bigg boss asked the winner team to select a queen. Dalljiet and Aarti were discussing that they should not corner Shefali as they could also face the same situation at any point.

Sidharth Shukla and Rashmi were having some cute conversation. Shehnaaz was seen mocking about Siddhartha Dey that he used to touch her while on bed. Abu Malik suggested her not to spoil anybody`s character just for fun and discussed the same with all in kitchen area. Debolina said Dey should protest himself.

Dalljiet and Aarti were seen asking Koena about her relationship status on which Koena revealed that her last relationship was the worst so she didn`t want to go in any further relationships. His last boyfriend was so overprotective. He used to lock her in her own room when he didn`t want her to go anywhere.

Siddhartha Dey and Shefali were singing and dancing in the garden area. Shefali was carrying an umbrella on which Mahira, Rashmi and Asim were making fun of her.

After that Aarti was having a conversation with Mahira, Shehnaz and Paras. She was explaining to them that how much depression she faced while she had no work. Mahira had an argument with Shehnaz for Paras. She was blaming Shehnaz that she (Shehnaz) got irritated when Paras sat with her (Mahira). Later they both got into a messy fight. Shehnaz also used a line ‘line muje mili na’ on which Mahira reacted by saying ‘muje chachiye hi nhi ye line.. I have a class..”

Shehnaz asked Paras to choose any one among her and Mahira. Then Siddhartha Dey had a verbal fight with Rashmi and Debolina on which both females decide not to talk to him. Debolina teased him that he was doing these for footage on which Dey slammed both of them by saying ‘jinke paas kaam nhi hota unhe chahiye hoti hai footage’.

Housemates had a conversation on dining table about the statement Dey made. Koena pointed out his mistakes.

Later female contestants were given a chance to nominate males by giving them black cards as marks on their score board. Abu and Asim got maximum black cards on their score boards.

Later housemates were seen discussing about who would evict from the house. Shehnaz and Shefali were predicting that Dalljiet could go while Paras was assuming Debolina would go. Paras also said that if Debolina went everybody would blame Shefali for that.

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