Bigg Boss season13: Paras and Shehnaaz established a connection; Shefali said Shukla is a bloody-fool; Housemates got emotional

Salman Khan joined the housemates on ‘Weekend Ka Waar’. He made a dashing entry dancing on the song ‘Tan Tana Tan’. Then he got live with all the contestants through Me TV.

Later, Salman introduced a new interesting thing that was a connection chair. Salman asked all to name those who had established a strong connection in the house till yet. All named Paras Chhabra and Shehnaz Gill for the same. The both sat on the connection chair.

Sehnaz started flirting with Salman too. She said that both of them are wearing same color on which Salman taunted her by saying that he had asked the team what Shehnaaz was going to wear and got twinned with her dress` color. Shehnaz impressed Salman by dancing on the song ‘Bumro Bumro’ and asked Paras to win the trophy, Salman would give her work in his movies.

Later Salman had a serious conversation about BB hospital task. Salman showed his disappointment with housemates for their performances in the task. Shefali`s disagreement over the selection of queen was also discussed. At some point during the discussion, Salman got outraged and asked housemates to get out of his house.

Paras and Shefali had an argument over their different point of views for the previous task. Paras explained that Shefali should have a team spirit while playing for a team while Shefali said that she had come to play for herself. If that looked selfish she was okay with that.

On eviction, Salman was pretending as anybody was going to leave the house. But the fact was nobody was going to evict.

On Sunday` weekend ka waar, Salman welcomed former contestant Hina Khan in the show. Salman asked Hina if she got a chance to go with a boy from the house whom she would select. She answered that she would go with Sidharth Shukla. Then she showed a video clip on screen in which Paras and Shehnaz were lying on the bed holding their hands. Hina assured Salman that they both were going to establish a strong connection further. She also predicted that Rashmi and Shukla could be paired after some episodes.

Hina Khan was given a task to organize a super market in the BB house. She entered the house and called all the housemates one by one. The twist in the task was, housemates were given two choices. Either they can choose a grocery item from the super market or can hear any message from their beloved ones.

Debolina first came to the market. She was given a choice to hear a message from her mother or to choose any item from the market. She chose 1 kg poha over message by saying that her present status is more important to her. Later she was seen requesting Bigg Boss to give her mom`s message to her if that is urgent.

Rashmi Desai chose her friend Ankita Lokhande`s message. Sidharth Shukla chose her sister`s message for him. Koena, Asim and Abu Malik heard messages for them from the audiences. Aarti chose her brother Krushna`s message for her while Paras Chhabra chose 3 chocolates for all. Housemates got emotional after getting the messages from their beloved ones. Hina suggested all for their further journey and calm them. After that she left the house.

Salman asked both Siddhartha to come in the Sultani Akhaada. Shukla won by 2-0. Shehnaz got disappointed when housemates especially females cornered Dey. But females cleared every issue to Shehnaz which they have with Dey. Shehnaz discussed the same with Dey and asked him to apologize to the females.

Later a funny task got introduced in the house by Salman. Housemates were asked to wear balloon hairbands. They had to burst balloons of others whom they thought had a misunderstanding by giving a reason. Housemates burst the maximum balloons of Siddhartha Dey and Shefali. During the task, Shefali called Shukla a bloody-fool.

Salman asked Abu Malik to sing a song and later bid a good bye to all.

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