Bigg Boss season13: viewers are criticizing show for spreading obscenity, say ban the show

BB13 is getting so much love and support but many are criticizing the show for spreading love affairs on TV screen. First task in which housemates had to pass the groceries with their mouth to another housemate, didn`t go well with the viewers. Viewers are slamming the show for using unfair means to get more publicity.

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All India Traders had written a letter against the show to Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javrekar. CAIT has requested the minister to ban the show as it is spreading obscenity among the youth.

Social media is full of tweets against the show. Viewers are trending many hash tags against the show like #Boycott_BigBoss #UnsubscribeColoursTV.  Some says it is spreading love affairs and destroying our culture. Some says it is not fair to share a single bed for a boy and a girl. It will neither entertain the people nor give a positive message. Some are demanding to unsubscribe the Colors TV so that show will be banned itself.

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One black and white picture in which an intimate couple is sharing a bed is going viral on internet that led to several claims for the show. Some are complaining that the show has invited a Kashmiri Muslim man who is freely sharing a bed with a Brahmin woman, it is all to spread and encourage Love Jihad.

According to, that photo is getting viral to mislead the viewers. That picture is not from season13, it is a picture of season9. has tweeted over the same and viewers have supported it too but many are still demanding to ban the show.

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