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Bigg Boss Tamil season3: Kavin and Cheran surprised the housemates by entering the house; finalists had a video call with their family members

Abhirami, Cheran, Meera Mithun and Fathima were still in the house and finalists were enjoying their time along them. Cheran read the announcement for the next task named Engeyo Ketta Kural in which audio clips related to some incidents would be played and four finalists had to identify which incident they were related to. Sherin recognized the maximum audios and won the task.

Then another task named Arindhum Ariyamalum Therindhum Theriyamalum got announcement. In the task, finalists and guests were asked to refrain from showing any reactions to any happenings or even for entrance of any guest.

Then season2 fame Balaji, anchors Priyanka Deshpande, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Rakshan, Rio Raj made their entry in the house. Everyone had a gala time together. Bigg Boss asked the finalists to tell the secret of being a competitive contestant on which most of them suggested to be real and behave as their own. Later, guests bid a goodbye to everyone and left the house.

Later, they all were shown the video clips based on their friendships built during their journey in the house. Then they were asked to share their favorite moment in the house.

Mugen Rao explained his friendship with Tharsan and Sandy. Sherin shared her beautiful memories she spent with her friends Tharsan, Cheran and even Vanitha too beyond all fights. Abhirami recalled her sibling type relationship with Losliya. She became emotional recalling that moment when Losliya awake the whole night for her when she was in jail. She also appraised Mugen Rao for being always for her.

Losliya explained how much special Cheran, Tharsan and Kavin were for her. She also told about her untold friendship with Mugen. Sandy said that he had come to the show to entertain the public for 100+days and he succeeded. Kavin was like his soul and Tharsan, Mugen was very special to him.

Later, the finalists were offered a chance to talk to their family members via Video call. They could talk till the buzzer rang. Sherin talked with her mother who wished her good luck for the Finale.

Then Kavin and Tharsan made their entry in the house. Sandy and Mugen ran towards them and lifted them out of joy.

In a private conversation with Losliya, Kavin told her that he is proud of her. He said to her that only he and Losliya showed their real face in the show and he was happy for that. Tharsan was suggesting Sherin to concentrate on her game.

Later, Mugen talked with his mentor Edwin from Malaysia and shared the joy of fulfilling the dreams of all of his beloved ones by reaching to the Finale. Sandy had a video call with his daughter and wife. He got emotional over the chat but cracked some jokes even during those emotional moments. Losliya talked to her father. Her father asked her to maintain herself as she was now. He showed his happiness over her changed attitude in the show after the meet.

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Bigg Boss asked all the guests to share some unforgettable moments they had in the house. Later, ‘We are the boys gang’ sang a song and made the moment more special. Housemates got emotional over the video compilation of their journey showed by bigg boss.

Guests bid a goodbye to everyone after having a lot of fun time together with the finalists. We are the boys gang sang a farewell song that they had composed for the closure of the show. Everyone thanked bigg boss for giving a lot of special moments.

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