September 16, 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil season3: Vanitha Vijayakumar evicted


On Saturday, celebrity Chef Dhamu who was judging the contestants in a cooking contest, named Sherin and Cheran as winners. Team of Sandy, Kavin, Vanitha, and Sherin won the task of balancing the juice bottle.

Cheran explained his experience of staying in the secret room when asked. Kamal appraised Mugen for giving hand-made gifts to all the family members who visited the house. Kamal advised Losliya to do her best in the game and made her parents proud. He later suggested Kavin not to be stressed of what happened in the house. He also appreciated Mariyanesan for the maturity he displayed while talking to Kavin.

Cheran was surprised by the faith Losliya`s family showed in him. Kamal Hassan then stepped out without revealing anything about elimination.

On Sunday, Kamal entered the show and started discussing about the initiatives taken in Tamil Nadu in the field of education. Kamal then told all the housemates that only three weeks were left. He then asked the housemates to predict the order in which housemates might get evicted.

Later, Sandy`s sister-in-law Cynthia and mother-in-law DD joined Kamal on the stage. His Mother-in-law appreciated his great personality inside and outside the house. She expressed how lucky she feels to have a son-in-law like him. She added that Sandy had all the qualities of a mom and a dad. Sandy used to take care of his wife and his daughter very well. DD praised Sandy`s parents for raising such a good human being. She also wished him to win the title.

Later, Sherin`s aunty Pappu and then Cheran`s relative joined Kamal on the stage. Mugen got a video clip from his dad and brother. Bigg Boss surprised Kamal Hassan as well by playing a video clip from his brother, Charu Hassan. Kamal became emotional at that time.

It was Tharsan Thiyagarajah`s birthday. He got a special video message from his parents and relatives. He later celebrated his birthday by cutting a cake. Bigg Boss and all the housemates wished him on his special day.

Then, it was the time for a big announcement that who was going to evict that night. Kamal announced that Kavin, Tharsan and Sandy were safe. Among Vanitha and Sherin, he announced that Vanitha had to leave the house. As it was predicted earlier that Vanitha could be evicted.

Vanitha came out of the house and joined Kamal Hassan. She shared her experiences of making a re-entry in the house. She explained she was going with a lot of memories, good moments. Kamal apprised her of changing her behavior in the last few weeks. He revealed that the audience liked her real face and calm nature.

At the end, Vanitha danced with Kamal Hassan and then bid a good bye to everyone.

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