Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu season3: Baba Bhaskar and Vithika to compete in the final level for Battle of Medallion

Episode started with the arguments between Rahul and Punarnavi for Dettol usage. But later they both sorted out the things and patched up again.

Level 2 for Battle of Medallion got introduced in which contenders Ali, Shivajyothi, Baba Bhaskar and Sreemukhi had to balance a block on their heads maintaining contact with their respective frames. Varun was the chancellor this time.

Baba Bhaksar won the task by balancing the block for the longest time. Shivajyothi gave him a tough competition. But he managed to win. He got promoted to the level3 of the Battle of Medallion.

Punarnavi, Ali, Shivajyothi and Varun were seen discussing about the behavior of Baba Bhaskar.

Level 3 for the Battle of Medallion got introduced in which both the contenders Vithika and Baba had to face housemate`s voting. Housemates had to put a tilak on the head of that contender whom they want to win the task and break an egg on the head of that whom they didn`t like and gave reasons for the same.

Ali, Rahul, Varun, Punarnavi put a tilak on the head of Vithika and broke an egg on the head of Baba while Sreemukhi, Shivajyothi and Mahesh supported Baba Bhaskar by breaking an egg on the head of Vithika.

Vithika got the maximum votes so she won the task.

Sreemukhi and Shivajyothi was seen complaining about Baba`s behavior on which Baba gave them an explanation. Mahesh was explaining Sreemukhi about the double-faceted nature of Varun, Rahul, Vithika and Punarnavi.

In today`s promo, it is seen that both Vithika and Baba Bhaskar have to fight for the level4 named ‘Rikshaw Lo Veera Viharam’ for Battle of Medallion. They have to sit on the Rikshaw for longer time and who will manage to sit on that for the longest time will win the Battle of Medallion and will promoted as the first finalist for this season. Housemates can tease whom they don`t like so that they can leave their seat.

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