November 1, 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu season3: Finalists were shown their journey; google declared Rahul as the winner a week before Finale

Bigg Boss Telugu3 has completed more than 100 days. Recently, finalists celebrated Diwali in the house in which Rahul and Sreemukhi`s dance was highlighted. In the previous episode, the five finalists got messages from their fans and criticizers as well. Varun who became the most entertainer of this season, got the chance to talk to his fan Ravi from Nizamabad. Later the messages were sent to the rest four.

Ali was praised as the best contender. Sreemukhi`s haters criticized her as ‘Cunning’ and for playing ‘Gender Card’. Some appreciated her by saying ‘Beauty with Brain model’. Baba too got negative as well as positive messages for him. Some appreciated him by saying big contemporary, Entertainment ka Baap while some slammed him by saying Chameleon and Baba Masker. Rahul was stated as a winner of millions of hearts and a fox as well by his fans while Varun was good.

Later, Bigg Boss sent an astrologer in the house to dispute the housemates` doubts. She suggested Baba that he should go ahead and correct minor mistakes if anything is good for him. She predicted that Sreemukhi`s dream was going to be fulfilled very soon. She relaxed Rahul by saying that his problems were going to end. Varun was referred as a telephone. Ali was advised to change his thinking. Finalists had a lot of fun in that horoscope session.

On day 102, bigg boss reminded all the finalists of their memories that they had built in the house. They were called in the activity area one by one. Varun was called first. Varun was appreciated for his responsible nature, cool and perfect behavior and then he was showed his journey. Varun became emotional after seeing his lovely moments he spent in the house.

Then Rahul was called. Bigg Boss said him that he was proud of the way Rahul grew up in the show even after facing so many eliminations. Then he was shown the video clip which made him emotional. He thanked bigg boss for everything that he got in the house during his stay. Later, Baba was called in the activity area. He was appreciated by bigg boss for his entertaining nature and for facing every situation with a smile. Then he was shown his journey on which Baba started crying. He said that he was never fake during his journey and he requested audience not to misunderstand him and his feelings.

Later Sreemukhi was called in the activity area. Bigg Boss applauded her for her game spirit and high energy levels during the whole journey. She also became emotional after watching her bigg boss journey video. Ali REza also came teary-eyed after watching his journey in the house.

Finalists were given some fun tasks. They had to advertise for some products like Bigg Boss dictionary, Santra boy and Tuflak oil. In today`s promo, it is shown that all the ex-contestants will enter the house.

Now, it comes to the poll result in which Rahul is leading with 1-2% more than Sreemukhi. So it is assumed that Rahul will be the winner of this season and Sreemukhi will be the first runner up. There is a shocking news for Rahul`s fans that google has already declared Rahul as the winner of this season. If you search for the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season3, you will be shocked as it shows Rahul Sipliganj`s name.

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And Baba Bhaskar is getting third position while Varun and Ali are in 4th and 5th positions respectively according to poll results.

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