November 1, 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu season3: Hema says she will lose interest in Bigg Boss if Sreemukhi win the show while Rashmi Gautam and Geeta Madhuri are supporting Sreemukhi

Ex- contestant Hema revealed about her choice of winner during an interview. She said, “I was approached but I refused to re-enter the house as a wild card contestant but I`m attending the finale. It is a part of my contract and I don`t want to buy legal problems breaching it (laughs).”

The actress complained that her entry in the show didn`t got the proper treatment it deserves. On this she said, “Yes, I was not happy with my entry. Not even an audio visual was played. Don`t I deserve at least that? This time for the finale, I had a word with the organizers and ensured that my presence will be felt for sure.”

After that, Hema was asked about her choice that whom she wanted to be the winner on which she said, “Sreemukhi is great actor. I will lose interest in bigg boss if she wins the show. I`ve heard and read a lot on the internet about a secret agreement with the organizers to become the winner of the show. I`m one amongst the millions who just don`t want that to become true. Is there one evicted contestant who spoke nicely about Sreemukhi? Almost everyone complained about her double game.”

She added, “Baba is a fake person. I don`t encourage him at all. He is a clear manipulator. I hate the way he and Sree hurt others` confidence. Who are you to predict who is going to get evicted when? I`m not sure if he can win the show.”

Hema wants Rahul or Varun to win the title. She feels that Varun was genuine throughout the show and Rahul is a proper gully boy. She appreciates Rahul for the way he kept learning and upping his game in the course of his journey in the show as he didn`t know how to talk to the other person initially.

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On the contrary, many celebrities like Rashmi Gautam, Jabardast comedian Ram Prasad along with season2 runner-up Geeta Madhuri are seen supporting Sreemukhi.

The grand finale is going to be held on 3rd November. Poll results are suggesting that Rahul or Sreemukhi can win the title for this season. Let`s see who is going to be winner for this season.

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