Bigg Boss Telugu season3: Ravikrishna got evicted; dropped Bigg Bomb on Punarnavi

Nagarjuna came with a lot of fun tasks for housemates. Firstly, housemates were divided into two pairs and perform skits. Shivajyothi and Mahesh acted as news reporters of Bigg Boss TV and reported the happenings in the house. Ali and Vithika played the role of an innocent husband and a clever wife. Ravi interviewed Varun. Sreemukhi was a dancer contestant and Baba was the judge in a dance reality show.

Rahul sang funny songs for all the housemates. Punarnavi too sang a song for Rahul. Nagarjuna appreciated both of them for their performance.

As Varun Sandesh was declared safe on Saturday, Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Ravikrishna were asked to arrange a puzzle and then Sreemukhi was declared safe.

Nagarjuna introduced a fun task named ‘Kiss and Kill’ in the house in which housemates ahad to put a knife in front of that contestants whom they wanted to eliminate and give a kiss to whom they wanted to save from elimination.

Rahul killed Baba and kissed Varun. Mahesh killed Sreemukhi and kissed Ali. Shivajyothi kissed Ravi and Ali and wanted to kill Punarnavi. Ali kissed Shivajyothi and killed Baba. Sreemukhi kissed Vithika and killed Ali. Ravi kissed Shivajyothi and killed Punarnavi. Baba kissed Sreemukhi and killed Ali. Varun kissed Rahul and killed Punarnavi. Vithika killed Rahul and kissed Sreemukhi. Punarnavi kissed Mahesh and killed Ravikrishna.

After the task, Nagrajuna announced that Baba Bhaskar is safe and Ravikrishna had to leave the house. Baba and Shivajyothi got emotional after hearing about Ravi`s eviction. Ravi left the house and joined Nagarjuna.

In the post-eviction discussion, he said that he didn`t expected himself to be evicted and wanted to go back in the house if got a chance. Ravi was asked to rate housemates from 1 to 9. Contestants below rating 5 would have to eat bitter laddoos and above would get sweets. He rated Punarnavi at 9 and Shivajyothi at 1.

Later, Ravi dropped a Bigg Bomb on Punarnavi. She had to wash the clothes of housemates till bigg boss order.

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