September 28, 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu season3: Sreemukhi became the captain of the house; Eliminated contestants seen discussing their post-elimination plans

Punarnavi was seen convincing Rahul to resume the game after his spat with Varun. Rahul was complaining about the behavior of Varun and Vithika during the task. He told Punarnavi that he was not going to talk to Vithika unless she comes to him and clarifies the things. Punarnavi tried to calm Rahul.  While other housemates were pointing towards Rahul`s aggressive behavior and Mahesh Vitta was trying to calm Vithika.

Later, Shivajyothi demanded a match-making ceremony for Sreemukhi and Ravikrishna. Mahesh joined them from Sreemukhi`s side and Baba Bhaskar played the role of Ravi`s uncle. Then Shivajyohti declared Sreemukhi and Ravikrishna as the winner of the task. Shivajyohti had hidden the property will successfully so she won the task. Baba Bhaskar was chosen as the best performer of the task. Finally, Sreemukhi, Ravikrishna, Shivajyothi and Baba Bhaksar became the contenders for the captaincy task.

Punarnavi told Rahul that everyone except Mahesh had made a separate group against them.

Later, contestants were shown a video clip in which a mysterious man was doing a pole-dance. Housemates hinted that he was Ali-Reza. Background dancers entered the garden area and joined housemates. Housemates started to dance with them.

Later, Ali came with a mask on his face and danced with them. He finally unmasked himself and jumped into the pool. Ravikrishna and Sreemukhi jumped too out of curiosity. Shivajyothi burst into tears after seeing Ali. Housemates welcomed Ali and thanked Bigg Boss for sending him back in the house.

Vithika was also excited over Ali`s comeback. Baba Bhaskar said that he would drop the Bigg Bomb on Mahesh if he got eliminated this week. Rahul told Ali about his disappointment for Varun.

Then captaincy task got introduced in which contenders were asked to carry one bowl each of color water placed on the table. They had to make sure that the level of water didn`t decrease. Also they couldn`t place their bowl on earth or carry it with one hand. Mahesh was the chancellor of the task. Remaining housemates had to help their favorite contestant and attack the opponent.

Baba disqualified first as his bowl dropped first. Then Shivayothi was declared disqualified as she had used her one hand to carry the bowl. Ravikrishna and Sreemukhi were trying to convince each other to quit the task. Housemates were also disturbing them. Ali said that Ravi should get a chance to be the captain. Then Vithika accidentally fell on Ravikrishna and his bowl got dropped. Hence Sreemukhi was declared as the new captain of the house.

Later, eliminated housemates Baba Bhaskar, Sreemukhi, Ravikrishna and Mahesh Vitta were seen planning about their post-eviction plans. Varun told everyone that he would fly to US and later return to the grand finale in November.

Sreemukhi said that she had a plan of spending her days in Maldives after eviction. Ravikrishna revealed that he wants to spend his time with his parents in Vijaywada after eviction. Baba Bhaksar told that he wants to stay in Hyderabad for few days as he wants to enjoy a reunion with Jaffar, Ashu, Rohini and other evicted contestants and then would leave to Chennai after a week. He also added that Hema and Shilpa would not come to meet him.

It seems that Ravikrishna can go out of the show this week as reports say that remaining three are getting higher votes than him. We have to wait for the Sunday to reveal the truth that who is getting eliminated from the show.

On the other hand, Rahul and Punarnavi were seen spending time with each other. Housemates have cornered them after Rahul`s arguments with Varun.

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