Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu season3: Varun, Punarnavi, Mahesh and Rahul got eliminated; Ali and Shivajyothi got disqualified from the Battle of Medallion for violating the rules

In the latest episodes Rahul, Ali, Varun and Punarnavi were discussing about Sreemukhi`s strategy.Bigg Boss announced the Battle of Medallion for the housemates in which they had to perform several tasks to win the medal. As in the previous nomination task, Mahesh, Varun, Punarnavi and Rahul got nominated so they could not participate in the tasks for Battle of Medallion. In first phase of Battle of Medallion, Vithika, Shivajyothi, Baba Bhaskar and Ali had to carry water from the taps and fill it in their containers until the smiley balls in that container come up. Housemates could help their favorite contestants or disturb the opponent one. Punarnavi was the chancellor of the task.

Baba and Varun got into arguments when Varun was trying to resist Baba from taking water. Varun explained that he was just focusing on the task while Baba asked him not to get physical.

Later, Ali was filling Shivajyothi`s container instead of his own. On which Punarnavi resisted him to do so. Then Vithika and Sreemukhi also objected for the same and asked him why he was supporting Shivajyohti at the cost of his own game. Sreemukhi questioned him whether he would sacrifice his title for Shivajyothi and he replied yes. They demanded for a clarification from Bigg Boss. Vithika said that she would not play such a foul game.

Bigg Boss announced that Shivajyothi and Ali Reza were disqualified from the task as they had violated the rules for the task. Vithika won the task and got promoted to the final level of Battle of Medallion.

Later Ali was seen explaining to Shivajyothi that it was just his strategy as others were playing an emotionless game.

Ali Reza got heavily criticized on social media for helping Shivajyothi on the cost of his own game. The fans are complaining that he should complete his own task first instead of helping others. Some have questioned about his strategy of making re-entry in the house. Some are blaming him for violating the rules of Bigg Boss when they have given him an another chance.

Statement made by Ali that he would even sacrifice his title for Shivajyothi didn`t go well with his fans. They are criticizing him for not playing properly and making benefit of another chance given to him.

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