September 16, 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu season3: Wild card entrant Shilpa Chakravarthy evicted; Punarnavi ended her relationship with Rahul Sipliganj


On Saturday, Nagarjuna scolded Mahesh for his comments and gave him a choice to go out of the bigg boss house. Then he warned Sreemukhi for manipulating other contestants. He also slammed Punarnavi and Shilpa for their mistakes during the last captaincy task.

Then Nagarjuna gave a task to the housemates to name two biggest actors in the house. Vithika, Baba Bhaskar, Punarnavi and Sreemukhi named Himaja for her confusing bad temper in the house. Himaja tried to show herself innocent, lonely and oppressed by other housemates.  Later, Himaja was declared safe.

During a task, Rahul said that Punarnavi was his closest friend on which she objected and made it clear to everyone that she was going to end her relationship with Rahul Sipliganj. Nagarjuna was hearing all this nut he didn`t interrupted as it was theirs personal matter.

On Sunday, Nagarjuna gave a fun task to the housemates in which they have to perform four skits with the nominated contestants playing the lead roles. Shilpa and Sreemukhi played the first skit in which Sreemukhi played the role of a bride with a masculine voice and Shilpa was playing the role of an overprotective mother. Mahesh was the groom and Vaun played the role of a suspect friend.

Rahul and Punarnavi performed the next skit in which they both were playing the characters who recently met in a coffee shop. Baba Bhaskar was playing the role of Punarnavi`s boyfriend. Mahesh, Ravi and Himaja also joined them to give the skit a funny sketch.

Vithika and Sreemukhi were next. Vithika played a role of a foreign tourist in Tirupati and Sreemukhi was performing the role of a thief master. Baba Bhaskar entered into the scene as a police constable.

Nagarjuna was impressed by the skits performed. Later, he asked Rahul to make rhymes for all the housemates according to their behavior. Baba and Varun joined him and made the environment funnier.

Nagarjuna then taste the egg curry made by Himaja and suggested her to learn it from Baba Bhaskar. He declared Sreemukhi and Mahesh safe from eviction. Among Punarnavi and Shilpa, he soon announced that Shilpa Chakravarthy had to leave the house. As Shilpa was not able to make her position sustained in the house because of her weak performance, she was expected to get evicted this week.

Shilpa came out of the house and joined Nagarjuna. She then expressed her feelings about all the housemates and named them according to their behaviors. She was given a power to drop a Bigg Bomb which she dropped on Mahesh Vitta. According to that Mahesh had to jump into the swimming pool whenever there would be a dog barking in the house that happens when anybody in the house sleeps during the daytime.

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