September 18, 2019

On her eviction, Shilpa Chakravarthy opened up her views

Shilpa Chakravarthy who was expected to make a lot of controversies inside the bigg boss house was expelled from the house within two weeks. Bigg Boss platform was a comeback in television industry for her as well. But this opportunity didn`t go well with the TV host Shilpa Chakravarthy.

In an interview she revealed, “The makers have already warned me about the challenges what I have to go through in the house as the contestants are not going to accept me easily. But I assumed that makers are biased for some contestants as they create controversies and arguments, they got highlighted. My screen time in the show was very less.”

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 For contestants she said, “ I got confused for some contestants as they react fake. I was going close to them and they evicted me. Only Baba Bhaskar can save me but he named Ravikrishna. I didn`t expected it from him as I needed that opportunity the most at that time. There are two major groups in the house. They take care of each other very well. But the time will come when they have to nominate each other. Baba had predicted about me that I will not last more than one week in the house. I got hurt from his comment how can he hurt anybody`s confidence. Housemates didn`t support me anywhere. They tried to mislead me. I was treated with a step-motherly treatment in the house.”

….i had done my best in every task. We should enter the house with zero expectations as there is nobody in the house who is going to help you. You are not shown if u don`t talk and people can`t vote if you are not seen. I deserve a second chance as I was not aware that I am shown very less on the TV screen. My husband is disappointed from me. My children question me about several things happened there in the house.”

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Shilpa showed that she wants another chance to prove herself but makers can only decide if she got that.

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