Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Sri lankan news anchor Losliya is winning hearts of Tamil audience

Losliya-bigg boss fan club

In the show Bigg Boss Tamil, it seems that the audience have found their muse for this season. Just like Oviya stole the hearts of audience in first season of the show, Losliya Mariyanesan is winning hearts for her supportive and non- combative nature.

She has gathered a huge army of fans who is supporting her inside the house. In less than two weeks the show started to air, she is much popular among all housemates for her behaviour. A thousands of social media accounts with thousands of followers are lined up for her support.

On the contrary, in first season of the show, Oviya was known for conflictions. She was carefree and assertive. She always took her stand. While Losliya always stay away from conflictions. She is known for her dance moves and expressions. In true Tamil fanboy style, she has already been dubbed an ‘angel’. Housemates even dedicated an anthem to her.

In the morning, contestants are woken up by the songs in the house. Where her dance moves during the song attracts not only the viewers, but also the housemates.

1 thought on “Sri lankan news anchor Losliya is winning hearts of Tamil audience

  1. She look beautiful. Iam is a biggest fan to her iam also living in srilanka but I don’t know about her she is a angel in srilanka iam so proud to say iam lankan

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